Services Offered


Services Offered

We are a WTTI Remote Test Facility

Welder Training and Testing to AWS, API, and ASME codes.
QA and QC Programs

Inspection Services: AWS, API, and ASME codes.

PT, MT, Vacuum Box and Pressure Testing

Welder Training Offered at our facility located at 71A Holland Road, Wantage, NJ, 07461.

Carbon Steel: SMAW, GMAW, FCAW, and GTAW

Stainless Steel: SMAW, GMAW, FCAW, and GTAW

Aluminum: GMAW, GMAW-P, GTAW

We have now added Antique Metals Restoration to our list of services.   Contact us for more information.

We are also now offering Antique metals restoration and fabrication!


James F. Dolan

CSP / CWI – CWI #96030031
New Jersey Special Inspector, Structural Welding, #010639

Eric J. Dolan CWI #09111081




Eric J. Dolan

71-A Holland Road
Wantage, NJ, 07461

Phone: 973-875-6408  Cell: 973-903-1419